Epson Print Head Cleaning

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If your nearly ready to through your printer out of the window, stop. If your problem is improper printing please read this article to find out how to restore your printhead to print great looking photos again.Epson Print Head Cleaning
By []Enkidu Edwards

The first thing to do is to print out a nozzle check pattern. This can be used later to compare your nozzle check patterns after your cleaning efforts. The option to print the nozzle check pattern can be found in the maintenance tab or your printer options dialogue box.

Cleaning Methods

Method 1

The first thing to do when you notice your prints not coming the way you think they should is to run the head cleaning cycle within the maintenance section of the of the print dialogue box. After running the cycle once, print out another nozzle check pattern and compare it to the one you printed earlier. Maybe your nozzle are now clear and the pattern is ok. If not but you noticed some improvement then repeat the cycle upto two more times. If there was no progress or only slight then move to method 2.

Method 2

If you are using really old or compatible cartridges then you can try replacing the cartridge. If the cartridge is a cheap compatible, maybe it was improperly filled when manufactured, if so the chip on the cartridge will still report the cartridge is full and the printer will continue to try printing even though there is no ink in the cartridge. So no matter how many cleaning cycles you tried it would never print the missing colour.

Method 3

If you have changed the cartridge and still no ink coming through then try leaving the printer for a couple of days to see if it clears its self. This may not be as crazy as it sounds. If air has gotten into the line somewhere (through suction) it will be blocked in the head. But air tries its hardest to work its way out of a jam, and after 24 hours its worth turning the printer back on and checking again.

Method 4

Buy a cleaning fluid to clean the print head. Follow the cleaning fluid manufactures instruction when using this method. Print Heads are delicate things and improper pressures or handling may well damage it permanently. Most cleaning fluids contain isopropyl alcohol.

Method 5

If you have gotten to this stage and still you have not seen any improvement then it is highly likely the printers printhead is permanently blocked. If your printer is less than 12 months old take it to an Epson repair center and they should be able to repair or replace the printer for free. If however your 12 moths are up you may have to look for another printer. Getting yours fixed if smaller than an A3 printer will more then the value of a new one.

I have heard about some methods that people use at this stage like physically cleaning the printhead with a damp cloth. This is done by folding the damp cloth and then placing it inside the printer in the path of the carriage. Then run the carriage over the cloth several times. The clothe should come into contact with the printhead and maybe will sufficiently clean it. Think of this method as resurrecting the printer from the dead.

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